5 ways to improve Indoor air quality & reduce air pollution

5 ways to improve indoor air quality & reduce air pollution

The air quality in your home is very important for your health and the health of your family. Poor indoor air quality can lead to many negative health effects, including breathing problems, respiratory infections, and more. It is a fact that indoor air pollutants contain particles that are harmful to our health. This is a wise way to control it or even eliminate it. However, it is best to know the harmful particles that enter the room air. Improving home air quality can help all family members breathe a little easier. Here are 5 ways to improve indoor air quality & reduce air pollution

1. Controls air pollution sources

One of the most efficient ways to improve indoor air quality especially in residential homes is to control the source of pollution. There are various sources of indoor air pollution. The most common causes are malfunctioning gas stoves, pesticides, fuels, decaying elements, solvents, and other similar elements. Can this be reduced or prevented? Yes, it can be reduced and prevented

2. Provide adequate ventilation in the house or office

New homes are built in such a way that makes them practically waterproof. This is good for reducing energy consumption and preserving heat in winter, but not for indoor air quality since stagnant air is trapped inside the house and indoor pollutants can accumulate. Adequate ventilation can be easily ensured by periodically opening windows and doors and using a ceiling or rotary fan to circulate clean air outside throughout the house.

3. Proper waste disposal

Dispose of all waste and debris quickly and correctly. Leaving waste around the house or office can lead to unpleasant odors, growth of mold and bacteria, as well as attracting pests that can pollute the air with their waste.

4. Use an air cleaner

Air cleaners are also an effective way to improve indoor air quality in your home. Air cleaner range from cheap tabletop models designed to clean a small number of indoor pollutants to sophisticated systems for entire homes that effectively filter all the air in your home. If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, an air purifier for the whole house is worth the extra cost. black mold in air vents

5. Regular cleaning of air ducts

Air conditioning and heating systems use air ducts to transfer hot or cold air inside. If regular maintenance of these ducts is avoided, the accumulation of dust, germs, and other particles in the air can reduce indoor air quality. Periodic duct cleaning requires special vacuoles for maintenance procedures. https://greenductors.com/ac-duct-cleaning


Cleaning the air ducts leads to a clean environment. When air ducts are not cleaned professionally, you can find dust on sofas, chairs, and other furniture. When you provide them with proper cleaning, you will not get a dirty house, and you will even feel good about the environment. https://greenductors.com/erv

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