Q. Why should I select Vinyl windows when there are numerous other options on the market?

A.Aside from vinyl Windows, there are Aluminium windows which are often identified to be extremely durable, but contain poor insulating properties because they produce heat. Wood windows are also highly looked upon, however, they are more costly than vinyl windows and require regular mainantance, such as painting, caulking and refinishing, more so, they are prone to deterioration over time, especially given our ever changing climate. Vinyl windows are often said to be the best choice on the market because they are extremely durable and require very little maintenance, they have a long-lasting smooth finish, and will never rot, warp, rust, crack or decay. Vinyl windows have a strong resistance to the nature’s 4 seasons and have been proven to offer some of the best thermal qualities around.

Q. What is LOW E?

A. Low E is a short form term for Low Emissivity Glass. Low Emissivity Glass reduces energy loss by as much as 30-50% because the panes of glass are coated with a microscopically thin metallic oxide layer deposited directly on the surface. The coating controls heat transfer that occurs through windows, thus allowing light to enter while providing thermal insulation. Low-E is also an excelled barrier against ultraviolet rays that can cause your furniture, flooring, carpeting and drapery to fade.

Q. Why is Argon Gas used in Window?

A. Argon gas, is a harmless odourless glass that is inserted between the panes of glass in order to improve thermal performance. Argon gas also inhibits cold air from penetrating through windows as well as cold air radiating from the windows, these process are known as convective and conductive heat prevention.

Q. What is tempered glass?

A. Tempered glass is glass that goes through a tempering process which strengthens the material by 400-500%. Tempered glass is essentially a safety glass, when broken it breaks into small oval pebbles as opposed to sharp shards.

Q. What are the benefits in replacing my old windows?

A. The main benefits in replacing the old windows in your home would be:
A: Energy Savings: Poor windows have gaps around the sashes, you could save up to 50 percent on your total monthly energy bill by replacing your old windows with new vinyl windows.

B: Function: Energy efficient windows retain the air quality in your home and will avert pollen, dust and outdoor odours from seeping into your home. Good windows will also reduce condensation levels, which will prevent damages your walls and surrounding areas.

C: Style: Your new windows will contain advanced performance features with various styles to choose form that contain many options for opening and closing positions. New Windows will also provide your home with a fresh look, increasing your curb appeal and raising the value of your property!

Q. What are the distinctive warning signs that would require me to replace my windows?

Your windows are releasing a lot of outside air, meaning that your home is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, you may even be overworking your thermostat to compensate for all that air leaking through your windows.
Your windows have a build-up of condensation and/or icing within panes of glass.
Your windows are shaking, clanking when the wind blows.
Your windows have an unappealing appearance and/or the paint has pealed and chipped off your windows.

Q. What makes your vinyl windows stronger and better than your competitors?

A. Window strength and materials are the most important elements in determining the quality of the windows. We pride ourselves in top product durability, quality, workmanship and installation. Not all vinyl windows are built the same, the profile design and construction process helps establish the strength of the windows. The strength of the window frame and sash will determine the resistance of the structure under extreme temperatures, storms, winds and natural disasters. A flaw in the strength of the frame will reduce the ultimate resistance to changing climates making the windows more susceptible to air penetration while increased your energy bills. Canak windows are made with the purest vinyl product, they have fusion welded joins, the glass is sealed to the sash frame and there are a great amount of interior chambers. Canak windows are guaranteed and have been proven to perform effectively to produce a satisfactory functional and aesthetic appeal.

Q. Are there different construction methods for Vinyl windows?

A. Vinyl windows have two types of construction methods, some are welded while others are mechanically secured together at the corners. Canak Windows uses a fusion-welding process that employs heat to weld the corners, this advanced method prevents heat loss and plays a focal part in increasing the energy efficiency in the windows. Think twice when looking at windows that use screws, or are fused together with a chemical process. Canack Windows only sells top quality fusion-welded windows, which are highly looked upon and are on the forefront of excellence among the window industry

Q. What is the R-Factor all about?

A. The R-Factor is a measurement for the ‘Resistance’ of insulation a window provides. The R-Factor of a window and its frame is an important rating system that directly determines the energy efficiency of your windows.

Q. Do your windows protect from noise and unwanted intruders?

A. Yes, with Canak Windows will you notice a decrease in your exterior noise levels. Our windows are constructed from top quality materials and state of the art engineering. At the point where upper and lower sashes meet there are full interlock systems that assist in halting the air infiltration while supplying an additional barrier against unwanted intrusions.

Q. What are the causes and effects of condensation in my windows?

A. Condensation in your windows means that your home is actually retaining a lot of heat while simultaneously retaining moisture and humidity, therefore, when the warm air on the inside of your home comes in contact with the low surface temperature of the glass the result is that moisture is released in the form of condensation on the window panes. This does not necessarily mean your windows are faulty, however, if you had energy efficient windows with Low-E coatings and Argon Gas your windows would be greatly resistant to high levels of condensation.

Q. How can I reduce the levels of humidity in my home?

A. In order to battle this ever baffling matter you will need to both increase the ventilation in your home and attempt to control the levels of moisture in your home. You should open your windows and allow fresh air to penetrate through your home for a few minutes every day. Don’t forget to switch on the fans in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, this will help decrease the moisture build up from cooking, hot showers and laundry machines. Controls the use of your humidifiers, sometimes these can be excessively used.

Q. Can I install my own replacement windows?

A. Due to many unsatisfactory experimentations, we highly recommend that you do not try to install any replacement windows yourself. You must have the proper tools and knowledge in removing the old windows as well as installing new windows. If the windows are not properly installed they can result in damages to your home as well as an increase in heat loss and cold drafts. A do-it-yourself project in this case can end up costing you more in the long-run. Canak maintains professionally skilled trades who specialize in window and door installation.

Q. How do I obtain an estimate for my windows and doors?

A. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to obtain a quote for your windows and doors. Please be ready with your schedule as we will have to set up a free, no obligation consultation appointment to send a certified window expert to your home. The window consultant will measure your windows and doors, present you with samples and images of numerous product options and provide you with a competitive estimate.