Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows for a Unique Look of the House

This is also a beautiful for any type of home whether a classic or contemporary. This type of window can be made using a wood material or lightweight metal frames. To perform the operation, the weight of the panel or sash is basically balanced with a heavy lead, cast iron or steel.

The sash weight is in line with the window by a chain or sash cord that runs through the pulley on top of the frame. The construction of double hung windows usually made from a softwood. The sashes are usually on single glazed. It is possess traditional style for the home addition. It also features upper and lower window that is on a single casement. Both the windows slide that pass each other to create a big are passage for the room or house ventilation.

The double-hung window are available in wood or vinyl casements. It either have a full glass pane or the glass are divided into small areas to create a unique style. The separation can made by the built-in muntins, a strip of metal or wood, or with the decorative procedure like those included in the removable grid that can snaps inside and outside for fast cleaning. It is also advisable that if both the windows move, it should include a full window type screen that will provide the ventilation above, bottom, or both the windows. If one window will only move, then that window should only be screened.

The double-hung window are very functional and practical for the most style of homes. It became very popular as replacement window. This window can be arrange in multitude ways which is basically used for replacing a worn out picture type windows that can provide same quantity of window space but with high ventilation capability. This type of window is very idealistic and functional because aside from the unique style it has, it also give high level of ventilation that is likely about half of window area.

Installation of double hung window is very simple, however it is best advisable to ask for the service of a professional window stallers. Consider attaching the double hung window adjacent to bay window, it will provide a good view that is not covered by the central line and will increase more its ventilation advantage. Also, when thinking of installing the double hung window, check if it includes an insulation to increase the efficiency of energy inside the home. Make sure that the features like the built-in sashes are functional to enable quick process of window cleaning inside and out. The double hung window can be the best choice for home improvement. It do not just add additional attraction to the overall appearance of the house, but it can also help for energy cost reduction.