Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass Windows

This kind of window provides superiority in performance on aspects such as stability, efficiency, and durability. It also offers noteworthy advantages, both structural and thermal, over traditional vinyl, wood, or aluminum materials for wood framing. It gives many new ways of improvement on vinyl framed windows and wood. The idea of having a fiberglass frame window is pretty new. There are a lot of reasons on why people buy fiberglass than wood windows or vinyl.

Advantages of Fiberglass Window over Wood or Vinyl

The fiberglass window is evidently stronger than vinyl or wood and there are lesser chances of warping. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass framed windows can be painted on to enhance the style or design, but unlike the wood windows, painting fiberglass windows is not necessary. It is “greener” than wood or vinyl because the fiberglass framed windows consists of about 60% glass which means that it is recyclable and it has closer appearance to wood windows. Fiberglass windows can be recycled but it does not mean that all fiberglass windows are made with recycled glasses only. Fiberglass windows also beat vinyl when it comes to strength. It is said that the fiberglass windows can be stronger than vinyl for up to 9 times. Between fiberglass and vinyl, the fiberglass is evidently durable.

Fiberglass windows are also estimated to have a lifespan that is 38% long than that of vinyls. The fact that vinyl is weaker than fiberglass, there would be more materials that would be needed for that frames for vinyl which proves that fiberglass framed windows provides more glass space than the vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows are also proved to be better than vinyl in preventing air leakage which may be wanted for some cases. Its low thermal expansion also maintains the structural integrity of the window and it minimizes leakage or warping, which makes the fiberglass one of the most durable material for framing that will not hinder the performance of the overtime full window. Fiberglass is labeled as an “environment-friendly that lasts” by the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

Fiberglass is not flammable and has high resistance over environmental damage that are cause by high temperatures or corrosive salt air. Its thermal conductivity is lesser than aluminum for more than 800 times, which makes it an optimum material for making super-insulating windows and maintaining general performance for a window’s life. Also, condensation and moisture is reduced which saves expensive repairs to damaged masonry and wallpaper.

In terms of design, fiberglass is the best since it can be cut in almost any shape and it is an excellent aspect in the terms of flexibility. In some cases where the area of design requires additional durability, fiberglass’ use helps in reinforcing design and makes sure that the areas of design would not be weakened. Test results shows that fiberglass is the best option that is available for thermal which is one of the biggest advantages of the material’s performance.

Fiberglass framed windows are really advantageous in gives a lot of benefits compared to other materials used for windows. However, it is a little costlier than the others but as seen from above, it is worth the cost.