French Doors

French Doors

Do you want to make your house look modern through installing one of the elegant doors in the industry? If your door is no longer looks appealing to your house, it would be better if you will replace it with a French door. French doors will surely provide your house with the curb appeal that will surely grab the attention of visitors or even homebuyers.

This type of door can be used in two different ways. You can use this as open up door in your patio wherein this will truly create smooth transition from outdoors to indoors. Another is you can install it between 2 rooms, which will then make these rooms look spacious. This will also open up your house interior design. But did you know that if you will install French doors along with its supplying privacy, this will help you in partitioning space? There are times that French doors are also known as French windows. It usually comes with a rectangles-shape and mostly made up of panels of glass wherein every panel is divided by the wooden frames.

The procedure taken for this type of door is determined through various factors and one of these is the enough amount of light that you wish to enter in your room.  If ever that you don’t want the light to enter in your room, then it would be better if you will add drapes wherein it has black shades. With this, you will be able to achieve a light that is tinted with draperies.

Drapes and Curtains

Through the use of drapes and curtain, you will be able to modify your French door’s appearance substantially. You just have to make sure that the door is not fully covered with drapes totally. Your curtain rods should be mounted on top of your doorway. Make sure that it will cover the door’s entire width. During day time, this can be connected on curtains and you can allow the light to enter in your room.


The French doors may come in various shades. Its diverse tone comes in a pleated shades, roller shades, sheer shades, woven wooden shades and roman shades. For your bedroom’s entrance, you can make use of fabric roller shades or pleated shades. Sufficient amount of light will enter in your room if you will make use of the French door with sheer shades. You will surely create a big appeal to your doors.


Another great treatment that you can employ for your French door is through purchasing an etching package. By means of using this etching kit, you will be given the chance to come up with stencilled etching door. Majority of the materials used are very essential for this equipment. In every situation, this etching kit comes with a guide which includes directions to ensure etching will be done in a proper way.

French doors will surely be transformed into a more elegant and modern door through applying such treatments. Your door will surely be one of the most elegant one.