Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows is featuring the stationary upper of sash having the lower sash which slides down and up. This is made of revolutionary and patented composite material. It gives a kind of window that environmentally responsible, energy efficient, durable, and is available in rich and deep colours. These kinds of windows are available in arched tops or rectangle shapes for an added elegance.

Single Hung Windows have:

  • Six exterior colours having two interior options of colour
  • Operational in the standard rectangle or arch top shape
  • Twice as stable and rigid as vinyl
  • Low maintenance and durable matte finish
  • Engineered with sustainable Fibrex and innovative material
  • Exceptional value
  • Will not flake, fade, peel or blister
  • Low-E glass standard
  • Full perimeter weather stripping for energy efficiency

Single hung kind of windows is very ideal for places with problems in spacing. It is because these windows can open up rather than out. Thru that it does not take up an additional space when this is opened. This feature makes this window is a perfect one for areas such as adjoining walkways, porches, high traffic and patios areas. The single hung windows are providing the highest possible security having a low maintenance need. This type of window can also be considered as a cost-effective version of the double hung windows. The difference between the single hung from a double one is that the lower sash for the single hung is said to be operational having an upper sash that is stationary. This window comes with the half screen.

Single hung windows are versatile and attractive replacement option for window. This is a combination of great looks having an inspired functionality, which will definitely suit any kind of décor. These kinds of windows are normally featured with solid panes of glass together with the option of having separate lights. This window is available in wide array of materials and colours that complement any preference or taste.

The Advantage of Single Hung Window

  • Simple and Quick Installation: These windows are considered as one of the easiest kinds of windows that can be installed. It simply means that you do not need to attempt doing project on your own. Instead, the windows will be installed professionally. This can assure that you will enjoy the goodness of window replacements for the coming years.
  • Versatile: This kind of window is suitable for several rooms in any house and considered to be functional ad stylish as well. This is among the usual kinds of windows due to its function and aesthetic beauty.
  • Durable: This can last for about two decades if the window is properly installed. It will not only last for so long but it will also become functional at the peak of its performance level for an entire period having less routine maintenance.
  • Choice: There are many kinds and finishes for the single hung windows. People may find this window made from wood, aluminium, vinyl and fiberglass. You may also get this in a single pane of glass on every side and multiple panes as well.