Window City

Canak Windows is happy to be the premier level authorized dealer of Window City. We have carried and supplied their products since we have opened and have established a relationship that allows us to pass along the savings that only a premier level seller can. Window City has produced over one million windows and has installed them all over southern ontario.

All the windows are inspected at every stage so you can ensure the quality meets the highest standards.

Window City is known to be the largest family owned and operated windows and door manufacturer in Canada. Window City has produced many of its own patents and has created a unique material mix which allows for a strong and an more energy efficient vinyl window.

Their products pass through extensive quality standard testing and only ship to you if they surpass the tests by 30%. Because of there testing method the vinyl walls of the windows are much stronger and thicker then conventional windows sold by other manufactures. The windows are gas filled windows which also exceed the industry standards.

According to the Energy Star rating system the Window city Casement and slider windows outrank the competition as more energy efficient.

Window City has invested millions of dollars their research and development facilities to ensure the best quality during the manufacturing process. They are able to ensure windows are built quickly and all at great prices.

Check out their state of the art manufacturing plant in Toronto: