Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows – More Than a Room with a View

Let Canak Windows and doors show you how to infuse your home with the beauty and warmth of natural light, and brighten small and large spaces alike. Windows can enhance the ambience of a room and play a crucial role in maintaining an energy-efficient home. The tighter seals and more advanced construction of many modern windows prevent cold and hot air from escaping and help maintain a more comfortable, consistent indoor climate without wasting energy. At Canak Windows we believe that new windows can breathe new life into older homes by providing an updated look that is both smart and attractive.



Energy Efficiency of Windows

At Canak Windows we want to save you money on your heating and cooling bills with Energy Star qualified windows. The two most important factors when considering energy-efficient windows are U-value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). U-value measures how well a window prevents heat from entering your home, and SHGC measures how much heat from sunlight passes through windows. The lower their values, the more effective the window is at resisting heat transfer.

  • Double- and triple-pane replacement windows are more energy efficient than single-pane windows and may reduce outside noise
  • Low-E glass coatings reflect both infrared and ultraviolet light; this helps to reduce heat transfer and prevent furnishings from fading
  • Argon and krypton gas-filled panes are better insulated than those filled with air


Skylights and Roof replacement Windows

In addition to conventional windows, another way to add light and create the appearance of space in your home is with the addition of a skylight or roof window.

Stained Glass

If you wish to add a unique element of beauty to your home, you may want to consider installing a stained glass window. The designs and patterns from which you can choose are virtually unlimited, allowing you to select a window that suits your décor and personal style.


Weatherstripping is essential to maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. It acts as a seal to prevent drafts and reduce heat loss in the winter, and helps to retain air conditioning in the summer. Make sure the windows you purchase provide high-quality weatherstripping.

To increase energy efficiency of older windows, cover them with shrink film weatherstripping or add foam tape weatherstripping inside the window frames.


Having the windows open is ideal when the weather is nice, but chasing bugs around the house with a flyswatter is not. Screens allow you to enjoy a refreshing spring breeze without having to worry about the buzz of insects interrupting your relaxation.


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