Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are competitivey priced durable, and extremely energy efficient. When vinyl windows were first beginning to be produced, they often had problems with thermal expansion. When temperatures changed, the vinyl material that was used in construction would expand or contract at a very different rate from the glass and retaining materials. As a result the window fit poorly, leak or crack in sometimes what was a very short while. New innovations in materials and design have produced a new generation of vinyl window that is more durable and dimensionally stable than the windows manufactured 15 or 20 years ago. Vinyl is also commonly used as cladding on wood or aluminium windows, which gives them an improved thermo efficiency, and extended usable life.

Vinyl windows are made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a product that offers many advantages. Even five years ago, these windows had that unmistakable look of plastic, but today, vinyl window manufactures have closely replicated the texture of wood and other materials in the production of many vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows in the early days were manufactured in only white or off white, which left little artistic choice in exterior complements. But today, vinyl windows are produced in a myriad of colors and textures to meet almost any design. Because of the quality and design capabilities of modern vinyl window manufacturing, some of our most famous historic sites that have required window replacements in past years have used vinyl windows as the window of choice.

Color and texture were once a bit of a problem with vinyl windows, but technology has over come them to meet the demand of the market and except for washing the glass, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. One disadvantage to vinyl windows might be that they can’t be painted, so changing exterior trim colors once the windows are installed, might be a problem if you ever decide to change the entire façade of a home. But then again the color of the vinyl runs completely through the material so dings and scratches are nearly impossible to see. More and more vinyl windows are becoming the window of choice for consumers, as you can see, for many reasons.